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At Ethos Fire Turnout Rentals and Equipment, we understand the importance of providing the highest-quality professional-grade gear for firefighters, fire academy cadets, firefighting students in training, and First Responders. That’s why we offer quality solutions at competitive prices–sales and rentals of turnout gear and PPE, as well as repair services. Our goal and our mission is to ensure all those who serve are equipped with the best resources and equipment available.

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When it comes to YOUR PERSONAL TURNOUT GEAR AND PPE, EVERY QUESTION IS A GOOD QUESTION! Ask us. We know turnout gear and fire equipment.

Ethos Fire Turnout Rentals and Equipment offers sales and rentals for turnout gear, as well as sales and repair services for firefighters, fire academies, students, and First Responders. 

We’re known for our affordable solutions for high-quality turnout gear and PPE.


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The owners of Ethos Fire are experienced retired and active Fire Captains who used to teach at a fire academy and worked as captains in a big city fire department. They’re using their knowledge to teach the next generation of firefighters to prioritize safety above all else. They provide high-tech rental gear that meets or exceeds the safety standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1851) to protect firefighters from heat, flames, and other dangerous things they will come across while they’re on duty.